BMW deploys IBM BI tools to improve production

BMW uses BI solutions from IBM will allow the Bavarian manufacturer to identify some defects more quickly before the start of production of new models.

To improve the quality of its vehicles during the design but also during the repairs and maintenance, BMW decided to use analysis solutions IBM data. The use of predictive analytics will detect and correct some design flaws before the new models of cars entering the phase of industrial production. With reduced design time, vehicles arrive faster on the market with the consequent appearance of small defects on production models that must be corrected at expensive recall campaigns. BMW has had problems on braking, 176,000 Series 3 have been involved in 2013.

BI solutions from IBM, BMW, analysis solutions IBM data, predictive analytics, correct design flaws

The big data tools offered by IBM will analyze data from product development, as well as information from the security, diagnostics and repair, collected and evaluated worldwide. The knowledge gained from these large amounts of data can be incorporated into the product design and manufacturing process.

Analyzes that are now often available after several months will be delivered in a few days, said BMW, so that potential problems are detected and corrected more quickly to avoid recurring failures. The SPSS predictive analytics software from IBM allows you to combine and analyze data from many tests of prototypes. On average, 15,000 vehicles are registered by defects if we also take into account reports from the workshops. Vulnerabilities can be quickly identified and removed before new models come into production.

The analysis results are immediately reinvested in the business processes to help reduce error rates and therefore costs. Previously, the evaluation of these data requested months BMW. Another advantage is the automation of analysis, the various divisions and subsidiaries of BMW often perform in parallel. Nearly 250 BI applications are now available at BMW, enabling more than 500 users of the automotive group to perform their own analyzes. 

BMW deploys IBM BI tools to improve production

new tech, predictive analytics, BMW, analysis solutions IBM data, BI solutions from IBM, correct design flaws

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